Precise-BPO Term did a good job, we’re very happy to work with such a great term, they always turnover the results on-time and active participation in the developing and problem solving. They can give you every responses fastly. Their services are absolutly cost-effective, what’s more, they are always stand on client side to help you. We really have a wonderful cooperation.

Niels from *** XML Company(Nordic)..

    We are really have good cooperation in data entry, Precise-BPO always give me amazing results with high accuracy, and fast delivery, i will absolutely work with them by more project.

Thomas from Editor World Publisher Agentina.

    Wow… We have created a MIRACLE in publishing this textbook (Ebook) and it is available for people to purchase at Amazon.com (Kindle Store). The title is: Chinese for Everyone. My friend Simon Yeung and his company Precise BPO Tech Co.Ltd in China has made a remarkable contribution in converting and formatting my Ebook (with Pinyin, Hanzi and English combined text style). According to Amazon Kindle, they are the first company out there that can do this kind of complex work! I am very grateful to Simon and his company – Precise BPO Tech for helping me to publish this Ebook – Chinese for Everyone! http://www.facebook.com/yeung.simon.735

From Editor/Teacher Janie USA.


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