About Us

    OC information is a business process solution provider, experienced in process optimization and resource integration. In the early 2008, Precise Tech and OC information finished the discussion on how to establish a strategy partnership and finally signed the agreement.

    After a deepth discussion, we both have an same opinion on BPO in china and design an long-term effective mode to cooperate. By this way, the resource from both side can be better integrated to pass value to our clients respectively. Meanwhile, It””s totally a innovation business mode in BPO of china, which break the distrust situation.

    XML Conversion with XML Conversion Centre. XML Conversion Centre is one of the most important XML Provider in Nodic country. We cooperated with XML conversion service since 2008, and we’ve got very great cooperation in these year, our cooperation is expanding for more area cooperation

    Epub Conversion with JOUVE France. Jouve is one of the biggest publisher XML in France. We cooperated with Epub conversion service since 2010, and after cooperation, we’ve got a wonderful cooperation in Epub Conversion Services, what’s more, we are agree with to provide the best Ebook(Epub/mobi) conversion the all of the publisher,library,univercity and more organization or authors…

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