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If you would like to get your periodicals, journals, financial statements, catalogs or journals converted into unified, structured XML; take advantage of the cost-effective XML conversion solutions from Precise-BPO Based in the China and with many happy customers from different parts of the globe, Precise-BPO is a BPO company characterized by quality standards. Our XML conversions are a high value solution for areas like content management and internet publishing.

XML or Extensive Mark-Up Language is a cross-platform software that has pivotal importance in the internet, particularly in how data is displayed and stored. Introduced by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), this specification finds use for defining, sharing and validating document formats. XML has got several advantages over HTML like flexibility, scalability, more versatility, and ability to be validated.

Extensive XML Conversion Capabilities
At Precise-BPO, we possess the facilities and resources to perform XML conversions like Text to XML, Word to XML, PDF to XML, HTML to XML, Excel to XML, and RTF to XML. We can turn any microfiche, printed matter or microfilm into XML that is reusable and richly tagged. Our OCR scanning facilities enable excellent conversion of images to XML.

Advantages from Precise-BPO
Provides for hassle-free retrieval and archiving.
Data exchange and export capabilities.
Corporate documentation.
Data conversion accuracy 99.99%.
Utilization of superior, automated recognition software.
Finished documents can be delivered as email, CD, DVD, or FTP.

We are always focus on cost-effective services to our clients.

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