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Data processing China is an area of the information technology which employs people in huge numbers in China. Data processing involves capturing the data, converting the data into electronic media, and processing the data. It also involves structuring data, formatting it, modifying data, updating data, indexing the information, sorting data, tracking it, and retrieving the information very quickly. Data processing in China is a very prosperous area of business. There are many BPOs in China to cater to this data processing industry. Precise BPO, a China based data processing and conversion consultancy firm, is pleased to provide these services to many US clients.

At Precise BPO, data processing in China revolves around key activities like insurance claim processing, forms processing, image processing, check processing, survey processing, data mining, OCR cleanup, and data cleansing. Form processing involves data processing of all kinds of forms. The forms may be insurance claim forms, survey forms, market research forms, HTML forms, accounts forms, CGI forms, legal forms; tax related forms, email forms, online forms, invoices, purchase orders, resume processing, and questionnaires.

The forms are downloaded from the customer’s site or are sent to the data processing centre using any portable media. TIFF images or data in any other format can be loaded into application software for the data processing, new data tables are created, data are entered, quality checks are preformed, data is then exported as xls or dbf, and finally saved on a portable media like CD or uploaded in the customers site or send via file transfer protocol (FTP). Know about our details services on data processing.

Data mining is also an important area of business. Data mining helps to gather information from the websites and this data are put onto excel sheets. This data can be useful if you want information on the products and prices of your competitors. Data mining for news from the news resources on the web also involves much data processing. Market research companies need services of companies like Precise BPO for data mining.

Check processing for banks is a big business. Check processing involves huge data being processed to give out bills. These bills when paid also generate huge amounts of data for the data processing centers to systematically process. The data processing of check service saves time, labor, requires low capital investment, reduces fraud, reduces collection time, and brings speed to the check processing system. Contact us if you are interested to offshore your check processing works to us.

Image processing services like image enhancement, image filtering, visualization, and quality assessment are also part of our services. The pictures can be made ready as per the requirements of the web and the image processing is used byr media and publishing houses. Read our client case studies.

Insurance companies also need data processing services. The insurance benefactor will have to complete forms, give supporting evidence, which might be doctor’s prescription in the case of medical claims and have to submit repair bills for car insurance. The entire process of insurance claim is undertaken by Precise BPO, thus benefiting the claimant and the insurer. If you are thinking of a data processing China service provider, get in touch with Precise BPO.


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