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Data Entry

Data entry service of Precise Tech could meet a variety of operational requirements, from hand-written to printed, from online entry to local capture, from number to character, High Accuracy can reach to higher than 99.98%. Science Work-flow,checkable,Flexible. Main data entry types include:

  • Online data capture
  • Local data capture
  • Logistics document data capture
  • Financial report data capture
  • Statistic Organization Data Management
  • Business card data capture
  • Application data capture
  • Insurance claim data capture
  • Book data capture
  • Voice message data capture
  • E-mail data capture

    The arrival of the era of information has radically changed the way that people work, and greatly enhanced the social productive forces. At the present competitive market, speed is the core competitiveness of a major performance. Outsourcing of data entry could enable customers to achieve rapid accessing to lower cost and faster response capability.

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