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Data conversion China is another very important business in China like the data entry business. People in information technology would know that the information or data cannot be sent from one computer to another or from one place to another easily. The file size, the internet band-width, different firewalls used by people have to be kept in mind before the documents can be transmitted. Hence, there is the requirement for data conversion, document conversion, image conversion, and reduction in size of the documents.

There is a requirement for data conversion to create platform independent, portable, internet transferable files, and files that can be stored on portable media like pocket drives and pen drives. Data conversion in China is a booming business that require more and more people to work for the data entry and data conversion processes. Precise BPO, Zhuhai, China based data entry, conversion and processing company provides excellent quality data conversion services. Read why you should hire Precise BPO.

In China, all kinds of data conversion are required. There is need for document conversion, SGML conversion, XML conversion, CAD conversion, HTML conversion, book conversion, catalog conversion, and PDF conversion. Data conversion in China revolves around converting data into excel files, dbase, mainframe data, FoxPro and text files. The data conversion makes the data ready for use in applications, the data is fine tuned, a strategy is made, the data can be further broken into tables, the relational data can be modified as per current requirements, and legacy data can be made useful for present times. Know about our services.

Document conversion from Word, PowerPoint, Excel, WordPerfect, PDF, MSG, HTML, PST, and RTF to TIFF, DCX, PDF, JPEG, and TXT is conveniently done. During document conversion, you can send us your requirement specifications. The documents to be converted can be sent through file transfer protocol (ftp), by using CDs, by using DVDs, as paper, or in any other convenient way.

Text can be converted to XML, HTML files can be converted to XML, PDF might require XML conversion, Word to XML format, and also Excel to XML format. The advantage of XML format is that the file can be easily published on the web, can be printed, and be saved to CD ROMs and other hand held devices. Some software tools are also used for data conversion to XML. This is a complex process and requires some expertise. Huge data can be sent through electronic data exchange (EDI) using this XML format. In China there is much use of this electronic data interchange as the economy, industry, online businesses, property business, and information technology is growing.

All businesses now need a presence on the web. The tax forms, legal forms, bank forms, and any other kind of form should be available as a form on the web. HTML conversion is the kind of conversion where paper forms are converted to HTML to be used on the web. There are software tools available for conversion to HTML from other electronic file types. PDF file conversion is an important and huge part of data conversion of China. Many catalogs, books, yellow pages, and time tables are available on the web as PDF file. Contact Precise BPO for details.

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