Our advantages
   As a specialized IT-oriented BPO services provider,&nbspPrecise Tech&nbsphas gathered many senior, first-class technical specialists who are expert in Java, C, Unix, Windows and Mac programming. They bring many years of expertise in the development of medium and large scale software projects and products.
    Precise Tech’s developers are especially proficient in WEB applications and systems, having built extensive website structures. They operate at the same levels of proficiency as competent professional software development companies anywhere in the world.
    To date, Precise Tech’s development engineers have completed dozens of software projects, including “Real Time Data Entry System”, “Work Status Real Time Supervision System”, and “Archives Management System”. All our collaborative work software programs have been developed by our own engineers. They have been evaluated as best practice against commercially available systems and are now in full operational use.
Precise Tech’s  Development Platforms include:
Operating Systems: FreeBSD, Linux, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, MacOSX.
Development Languages: Java(J2EE, J2ME, EJB, JSP, Struts, Servlet), Visual C++, Perl, ASP.
Script Languages: JavaScript, VBScript.
Inter-medium Sever: IBM Web Sphere, Bea Weblogic, Oracle 9iAS, Tomcat, Apache.
Database:Oracle, DB2, MySQL, Postgre, Access.
    Founded in our clients’ specific requirements, and drawing upon the wealth of development capability at our disposal, Precise Tech  can offer rapid application development and ongoing service improvement, contributing to exceptional after-sale service and the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
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