Our advantages

    The information security system of Precise Tech is designed and operated in fully accordance with ISO/ IEC27001, which is a mature and integrated information system, thereinto contains all the elements during operation of a BPO company, including business management process, infrastructure, production process, personnel management, handling objectives, environment security etc.

    Business management process- contains project setup process, document management process, HR process, procure management, rights management etc. Every action has corresponding security requirements.
    Infrastructure- contains ground security, access control system, communications line backup, hardware security etc
    Production process- with variety techniques realizing information security during production process, such as: image cutting, process monitoring, data cleaning etc
    Personnel management- contains multiple information security training, information security provision implementation, rights control etc.
    Handling objectives refers to the information processing objective unit. To ensure information security, Precise Tech cuts documents into pieces, and these pieces documents are processed by multiple persons not a person, so no one could obtain a complete document, which ensure the information security of customer information.
    Environment Security- contains fire protection system, security system, temperature and humidity control system etc
    When providing services to special industries, Precise Tech stands strictly with international industry standard, adjusting information security system to ensure the accordance with customer security system, in order to fulfill customer’s characterized requirements. For example, in banking credit card outsourcing service, upon ISO/ IEC27001, we construct project oriented information security system under Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.
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