Our advantages
Project Implememtation
    To fulfill our commitment, we have unique 5-step module to carry out projects: Process analysis, Pilot testing, Seamless transition, Maintenance and optimization, and Relationship management.
1、Process analysis
    At this stage, we will organize our outsourcing analysis specialist to have an overall analysis on the to-be-outsourced process and its corresponding process. By this way, we help our clients to examine their process from outsourcing angle and  know the strategy value of outsourcing better. Years of experience tells us that many clients can’t fully understand the essence of outsourcing. They underestimate the range of processes can be outsourced, which lead to the disability to maximize clients’ value.
2、Pilot testing
    Pilot testing would implement the decision and testify the result from the first stage. Also it helps us to define some KPI such as: service level \ turnaround time\efficiency of cost. At this stage, our clients can fully understand the potential of outsourcing and its value.
3、Seamless transition
    At the third stage, we will redefine the process map, communicate with our clients, finish the content of SLA which includes: operation process、transition plan、HR plan、Service level plan etc, so as to reach the seamless transition result.
4、Maintenance and optimization
    After transition, we are ready to move forward to improving the operation process. Usually a both-line method will be adopted. One is to keep an eye on the daily operation to meet the SLA requirement, and the other is to develop the process value, optimize the process and maximize the client value as per the first line.
5、Relationship management
    After stage 4, we manage to keep a smooth communication with our clients through various customer relationship management methods. We also have different ways to overview on both the SLA and the operation, including: daily report, weekly report, schedule conference etc. By this way, our clients have the ability to control the whole outsourcing process.
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