Our advantages
    Precise Tech performs well in all kinds of data processing biz by designing different methods for different requirements. On our operation platform, no matter it is one-entry method or double-entry method or multi-entry method, all can be achieved.
    An entire automatic operation process is the guarantee of our service level. From the very beginning the data comes into the outsourced process, which including the following working processes: downloading、decompression and decryption、loading、integrity checking 、dispatch、data processing、QC、export results、encryption and compression、uploading、operation report
    Thereinto, in data processing, many methods can be selected and combined flexibly, including: double-entry-one-check method\ one-entry-one-check method\ OCR-one-check etc. Also the platform integrates an automatic checking function which can check the validity among the standardized information automatically and respond ongoing according to the rule-base developed from customer demand or from Precise Tech’ experience.
    In QA step, QC is carried out by elite employees, controlling the delivery service quality strictly followed the standard.
    Precise Tech has made several attempts on constructions of BPO industry operation system. For different industries and business requirements, Precise Tech is able to design various operating systems and verify their fulfillness and validity against customer requirements. Precise Tech has accumulated a large number of operating experience, and we are familarity with designing a system catered for customers core needs.
    In production disposition system, with rich production and spot management experience, Precise Tech could act flexible as per different projects’ low and peak volume, in other words, achieve recourse flexible scheduling and smooth switch between different projects.
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