Our advantages
Experience and Value

    Precise Tech team is one of the first domestic teams who have rich experience in international BPO business. Learning from international mature BPO experience, combining with China’s commercial service, we have created a unique service system featured with good maneuverability. Through practice and modify, the service system has become Precise Tech’s criterion and standard, and integrated into staff’s daily operation and become a habit. At this point, every employee in Precise Tech is the data processing expert to our customer.

    Precise Tech teams has experience in dealing with each industry, and fulfilling various requirements of different customers. As for turnaround, from quarterly process to timely process as for volume, from 10k char/day to 800k char/day as for business fluctuation, from 0 degree fluctuation to 9 degree fluctuation as for industry, from logistics to market survey, and then financial industry, covering more than 20 industries as for coding, from printed to hand-written, and then voice messages, including: simple Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Germany, French, Dutch etc as for the data media, from electronic data to substantial data.

   Rich experience in workflow is our primary advantage. Large number of workflow experience and workflow data forms the source for us to deliver value. Based on that, we are confident that our service will improve our customer’s core competitiveness.

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