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Precise-BPO XML Conversion

Supplier: Precise-BPO Tech Co.,LTD
Clients: XML Centre from European(Danmark,Sweden,Norway,Netherland, Italy, France, Germany).
Service Content: Plain Txt to XML conversionSource files: PDF/IMAGES(JPG,Scanned)
Language: Swedish,English,German,Netherlandish,Franch,Greek,Russian and Nordic lanuage…
Seats Involving: 40+(increasing…)
Output Format: XML, XHtml, Editable/Searchable PDF, Txt

Since 2008, Precise-BPO cooperated with one of biggest XML Conversion Company from Nordic Country. We’ve created the best workflow in XML conversion, with the experience increasing and technology updating, Precise Term are able to handle larger and larger Project.

The following data will be showing Precise-BPO Capability.
With the data volumn increasing, the processing volumn each day is 3500pages Conversion since February 2012. And the more increasing plan was discussing with Clients.

  • Precise Tech:
  • For the most of the company who can provide the XML conversion are always convert what the client required. That’s very important and Precise done more. Precise-BPO Project term not only focus on the clients requirement but trying to know more what client’s ideas, we often communicate with clients on the intention/function of the requirement, in this way, we know how to improve it and realized the best results to the clients.
    For the Services, Precise do believe that, if you are honest to your clients, the clients are definitly willing to cooperate with in more project and problem solving. We set up creditability as one of our company culture and every members need to know and excute.

    Clients Feedback: Precise-BPO Term did a good job, we’re very happy to work with such a great term, they always turnover the results on-time and active participation in the developing and problem solving. They can give you every responses fastly. Their services are absolutly cost-effective, what’s more, they are always stand on client side to help you. We really have a wonderful cooperation.

      Niels from *** XML Company(Nordic).

    We hope, with these years XML Conversion Experience growing, we can serve more and more clients in their Business Development.

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