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Outsource Data Extraction Services to China, Precise-BPO Tech company is your best partner for Data Extraction Services

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Consider this- Your company deals with tons of data, but is finding it difficult to manage and convert the data into useful information. Without the right information at the right time, decision makers in a company lose time in making strategic decisions that are based on half accurate information. Such a situation can break opportunities in an already-competitive market.
As every organization is aware, data extraction and data mining is critical as it gives an organization’s stakeholders necessary insight into the operations of the company, its competitors, so on and so forth. An efficient data extraction solution should be able to extract data from various sources and output them in a variety of media format such as CDs / DVDs, PDF documents, XML and many other formats.

Why invest in data extraction services?

Data extraction and data mining can help you take strategic business decisions that can shape your business’ goals. Whether you need customer information, nuggets into your competitor’s operations and figures or your information on your organization’s performance, it is highly critical to have data at your fingertips as and when you want information.

At Precise-BPO, we provide data extraction services from a variety of sources such as Websites, Databases, Images and Documents. This enables you have data quickly and in the right format.
Some of the salient features of data extraction and data mining include:
Precise-BPO’s data extraction services

1. Web data extraction services
Extract consumer, competitor and market data from various websites
Extract meta-data information from websites
Search for online news websites for the latest information
Gather, collate and summarize news from various news and PR sources online

2. Database extraction services

Extract data from databases by querying various databases
Mine for important data across multiple databases and database formats
Get updated information about competitors’ products, their pricing and their latest offers
Extract data from consumer websites, blogs and forums to summarize customer reviews and opinions
What are the benefits of outsourcing data extraction services to Precise-BPO?

All our team members are proficient in the English language. We also have software specialists to assist in data extraction as some projects require a higher level of technical knowledge. We also have sufficient experience in manual data extraction.

In addition to website and database extraction services, we also offer OCR (Optical character recognition) services, data entry services and data conversion services. Outsource2india’s model allows you to outsource your data extraction and data mining needs while making the transition as painless as possible.
A few more reason why we can partner with you in your offshore needs include:
Strong emphasis on business processes
Rich experience in serving clients globally
Have a wide range of expertise in all forms of data processing eliminating the need for you to use different vendors
Qualified personnel interact with you on a regular basis to keep you updated on the work thus reducing the risk of managing your vendor
Robust infrastructure and redundant systems ensure uninterrupted services
Service Level Agreement & Non – Disclosure Agreements are signed at the onset of every project
Network Security that ensure that your data is safe with us
Free Trial Program at Precise-BPO
Outsource your data extraction projects on a trial program model. This will help you determining our quality, turnaround time and any other factor that you may want to know before making a long term commitment.

Contact us to outsource data extraction services.

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