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Precise-BPO New Business Developing

Client: Data Processing Company in DubaiSupplier: Precise-BPO Tech Co.,ltd
Services: Dictionary catalogue Processing (OCR+Data Entry).
Language: Chinese/Traditional Chinese, Japanese, English, Greek, France, Romania, Russia, German, Arabic…multi-language.
Sources file: PDF/Jpg
Output: Excel and Txt

The clients provide us the vocabulary/ Lexicon which was scanned, we will arrange the OCR processing and data entry, so that every kind of language will be key in the Excel or txt without any errors. Becuase of the vocabulary have many lanugages, so we arrange advanced workflow which enable the operator to have a good understanding in each area and reduce the errors. Our output accuracy can achive 99.98% in this kind of job while the clients expection accuracy is 99%. So we do have a good cooperation in this project.

We hope we can serve more clients with advance workflow, not only for Dubai Clients but also for more countries as France/Sweden/Germany…etc.

Please call us for more information….

News & Articles
Multi-OCR-Entry Project with Dubai Clients
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