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Precise-BPO Tech Co.,ltd

Preject: Data Entry- Logos
Language: Greek, English,western alphabets, Russian
Accuracy: 99.99%
Provider: Precise-BPO
Client: Argentina Country

Precise-BPO provide excellent services in data entry to the Argentina country. Our members are able to convert logos as text fastly and with high accuracy. The language can range from Greek/English/Russian/Egypt/Western Alphabets/Japanese…, we can convert 8000logos everyday.

Precise-BPO also provide every kind of data entry to Argentina marketing, data entry on-line, document data entry, ocr, proofreading, off-line data entry, xml conversion, Epub Conversion services, ebook conversion servicse and so on.

For more information, welcome to contact with us….

News & Articles
Logo Entry Project with Argentina clients, data entry in Argentina
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