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eBook Conversion Services
Precise-BPO Provide excellent eBook conversion services

We are a professional service company with experience in a wide variety of large-scale electronic publishing projects. Our clients include some of the largest publishing companies, individual authors, libraries, universities and content distributors throughout the world.

When you work with us, you will receive high quality eBook conversion services, on time, and at a low cost. Our dedicated team of publishing specialists has developed proprietary in-house programs and workflows that enable us to save you money on your project. At the same time, you can rest easy knowing that your project will be expertly performed based on your requirements.

The world of eBooks, readers and digital publishing is rapidly evolving, and we are at the cutting edge of this industry. We were producing next-generation eBooks with complex styling,audio,video and user interactivity even before the EPUB3 proposed specifications for these types of features were released. As the new EPUB3 standard expands the functionality,capability and accessibility of eBooks,it is important to work with a company that can deliver the latest multi-media features for the newest eReaders.

eBook Conversion Source Formats

Regardless of your source file format, we can provide expert eBook conversion services to meet your needs. We can work with any input format, including:
Microsoft Word
Adobe InDesign
Text file
Printed books
Any other format

With printed materials, we can assist you with the scanning process.

eBook Output Formats and eReaders

We can produce output files in any format and for any eReaders.eBook formats we can generate include:
Apple Fixed Layout Format
Kindle Format 8
Any other format

eBook readers we work with include:

Kindle (all models)
Android devices
Barnes &Noble Nook
Sony Reader
Any other reader

EPUB Conversion Services

EPUB is the most commonly used format for eBooks today,and it is continuing to establish itself as an industry standard. EPUB has been adopted by Apple for its devices,including the iPad,iPhone and iTouch. Apple refers to its eBooks books as iBooks and makes them available through the iBook store.
The EPUB format is used by the Barnes &Noble Nook and the Sony Reader. Both Barnes &Noble and Sony switched from their own proprietary standards to EPUB. Android devices also support the ePUB format.

EPUB continue to evolve. Proposed specifications have been released for the new version of EPUB,known as EPUB 3. Our eBook conversion specialists are familiar with the most recent developments in the industry and can deliver state-of-the-art enhancements.

Kindle Conversion Services

The Amazon Kindle uses the AZW file format. Although Amazon delivers eBooks to its customers in this format,most of those eBooks are converted from EPUB to AZW. We can create multiple versions of your eBooks in different formats.

MobiPocket Conversion Services

Mobipocket sells eBooks and also has their own reader. The MOBI file format is similar to Amazon’s AWZ format. We can start with any file format and create books for the MOBI format.

Multi-Media eBook Conversion Services

The latest eBooks include amazing interactive and multi-media functions. We can make your eBooks literally come to life with audio,video and other media-rich content,including enhancements in the latest EPUB 3 standard.

Other Electronic Publishing Services

XML and HTML Conversion Services

Publishers are managing content and distributing it in various formats and outlets. Content management and web publishing are also continuing to grow. We can create and convert to XML and HTML for your various publishing needs.

Print Ready PDF Services

Although eBook sales are outpacing traditional print sales,traditional hard copy books continue to be printed. We can format and provide print ready PDF materials to meet your needs.

OCR Services

Turning hard copy books into eBooks requires a scanning process known as OCR (optical character recognition). Destructive scanning involves taking the book apart and removing the spine before it is scanned. Non-destructive scanning takes more time and is used for historical,collector’s and rare books so that the original book is kept intact.

Strict Quality Control

Quality is of utmost importance to our clients. Our eBook conversion services include multiple stages of expert quality control to ensure top-notch quality. We test your final version using the actual eBook readers on which the eBooks are meant to be read.

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