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Data Entry in Sweden

Precise-BPO provide the best data entry service in Sweden.

Precise-BPO data entry software:
* Allow the operaters to gain fun on the job
* Capture-entry-check by software1.Errors reduces
2.Effeciency and Accuracy
* Strick work-flow design(Highly Accuracy Guarantee):
1code→The first entry 2code→the same entry 3code→modify difference cause by code 1 and 2 4code→Macro QA 5code→Spot-Check
Every document will be divided into different fragments by the software, so that the operaters only can see part of the information.

Precise-BPO have 100 data entry staff in different kind of data entry services. We can handle many language including english,japanese, Chinese,Swedish,Greek,Russian,Danish,Italian,Finish and so on.

If you have any project, please feel free to contact with us and get the free quotation.


News & Articles
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