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Without the right information at the right time, decisions in a company can make or break opportunities in a competitive market. If your company has been dealing with data, you’d know that the process of capturing data and digitizing them is a tedious and time consuming process. Data capture solutions and document scanning services provide an answer to this problem.

Data capture and document imaging usually refer to acquiring data from physical sources such as paper documents, forms, receipts, microfilms and photographs, and converting them to an electronic format. This is also known as electronic data capture (EDC).

Converting data from physical formats to digital forms is a complex process especially if the number of documents handled is large. Through document scanning and data capture services, it is possible to digitize large volumes of documents under short timelines.

Precise-BPO Tech data capture and document services

Precise-BPO Tech has been working with customers of all sizes in managing their documentation needs of varying volumes. Prior to converting data, data is scanned by using high-speed scanners.
This data is then processed by using OCR (Optical character recognition) or ICR (Intelligent character recognition) and the resultant data is stored in a database. This can be retrieved anytime in the future.

Our data capture systems cover these business areas:

1. Paper to image conversion
We can convert huge volumes of paper documents into digital images of various file formats. This can be further processed and can be stored in an archived database.
2. Competitor information data capture
Capturing competitor information can give you insight into opportunities that you can tap into or use your competitions’ solutions to improve your own solutions.
3. Data capture from coupons, vouchers and receipts
We can capture information from sales coupons, promotional vouchers and purchase receipts.
4. Check scanning and imaging
Checks and legal documents contain sensitive information that needs to be handled sensibly. Converting data from checks through OCR and ICR lets you to securely store and retrieve information from them anytime.
5. Forms capture
We can collect information from forms, convert them into images and store them in a database after processing.
6. Microfilms, cards, magnetic tapes and photo data capture
We can capture and easily digitize data from legacy data sources such as microfilms, photographs, magnetic storage devices and cards.
7. Birth records, municipal records and town records data entry
We can enter and digitize data from legal documents like birth records, municipal records and toen records. These can be archived and made searchable.

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