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Precise-BPO Provide: Конвертация данных / Сбор данных / OCR распознавание.

Precise-OCR’s high accuracy OCR is available through our conversion services department.
Precise-Conversion Services specializes in high accuracy image to digital conversions. We handle jobs as small as 500 pages to as large as millions of pages. Give us a call or send us e-mail for current capacity and/or a job quote.

We can handle many languages: Россия,Chinese,Egypt,Japanese,Korea,Spanish,Franch,Swedish,Danish…etc.


Access to Precise-OCR – the most accurate OCR software on the market – without the need to purchase or maintain it.

High Accuracy PDF – Precise OCR now supports all three PDF file types.

Fast turnaround – we can turn jobs within 24 hours depending on job size and capacity. Please call for current capacity.

High accuracy results – 80% fewer errors than conventional OCR for your entire project.

Exception processing – Precise-OCR can generate output on images that may GPF other OCR engines.

Optional character confidence reporting – if you choose to perform verification, we can provide the most accuracy “suspect” character marking of any OCR product.

Support for a variety of Image Resolutions – 200, 240, 300, 400, 600 including Standard FAX.

Lower prices than typical conversion services.

Contact us!

News & Articles
Конвертация данных / Сбор данных / OCR распознавание, Россия
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