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Advance Epub Conversion Service China.

Precise-BPO provide advance epub conversion service to all over the world.
Input format: PDF/Scanned files/doc/txt/indesign/…
Outputs format: epub/epub for Ipad/ Kindle/Android/KOBO/OYO/Sony Reader/Iphone

Since 2008, Precise-BPO Group have already focus on the Epub/Ebook Conversion, and after these years developing, we’ve already own our Epub/Ebook R&D Project Term who will provide excellent ebooks to the reader continuely.

Why you need Precise-BPO’s help:
As one of the biggest Book Conversion Center in China, we have 100+ operators and 20+ Experts who mainly focus on different kind of ebook conversion services.
Advanced Workflow. We’re always eyes on the efficient improvement, and we’ve got highly success in automatically conversion. We can not only deliver the results fastly but also with highly accuracy(Normally 99.97%).
Lowest Cost. Compare with the other country, there is no doubt about that China still can maintain lower labout cost than Euro/America. So that’s an advantage of us to use Chinese in our conversion.

Precise-BPO Experience.
Precise-BPO have already work for customers from Australia,Sweden,Danmark,Norway,France,USA,Germany,Netherland… with the different customer’s requirement, Precise-BPO have already charge most kind of ebook conversion.

Precise-BPO always welcome your epub/ebook conversion project. Know more…

Precise-BPO China

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Epub Conversion Service China
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