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Ebooks such as kindle format eBooks, ePUB format eBooks are becoming more popular as the trend of book reading users have changed. The electronic reading devices kindle and iPad had made a big revolution in the publication market.

Publication Partner is one of the most important aspects in Book Publication Business, especially for individual authors and small publication houses, no matter what kind of service your allies provide to you. From editing, cover designing to print and distribution, you need help of a partner. The same strategy applies for ebook publication business.

From ebook publication point of view, it is extremely important for book publishers and individual authors to choose a well-established and highly designated ebook conversion service provider in order to avoid future problems in their ebook publication and distribution.

Genuine Testimonials are one of the most important things that an author or publishers can look into before outsourcing their ebook conversion service to any offshore company. Testimonials bring lot of trust and idea how the performance as well as the service of any one company is.

PreciseBPO Tech have been in ebook conversion service for 4 years, and we do handle so many kinds of data technique, whatever service we do, we have developed advanced solution to meet our client’s need, We can at least help your company to reduce the cost in 30%-60%.

We now cooperate with Columba Press(Religious Book) by EPub and Mobi conversion Projects in Ireland, XML-Tekst Company by XML book conversion projects in Denmark, Epub conversion Projects with JOUVE SAFIG Group in French. OCR projects with Kodda Company in Japan. Epub Projects with KB.DK in Denmark, OCR/XML Project with Editura GmbH & Co. KG in Germany……, and we’ve awarded very good feedback from our clients.

We provide customized BPO solutions with excellent training and knowledge management to our clients. Our services include the following items:
eBook/ePub/mobi Conversion
Epub2/3(Epub with audio/video)
Digital Books Conversion
XML/HTML Services
Data Scanning and Indexing(OCR)
Data Processing

Our competitive advantages include:
100% Chinese domestic cost & High Skilled Employee
High Accuracy Rate (≥99.95%)
Substantial Savings – up to 60%
Efficient Turnaround Time, 3 to 24 hours.
Optimum Security of Information, ISO27001:2005 Certified
Maximum Transparency and Accountability
Increased Flexibility
Improved Infrastructure Scalability
Project Language cover in English, Japanese, Swedish, Netherlands, Danish, Italian, French, and Norwegian…
180+ operators available for your Meta data processing

Give us your sample to get free quotation; we hope we can get win-win in the new era reading.

Feel free to Contact us today for more details about our services.
0086-756-7631198 (available 24/7)

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