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Converting the books into ebooks which will ‘fit’ and ‘run’ in the sleek new ebook readers, like iPad and Amazon’s Kindle, requires a little more than just ‘cut, paste & convert’. Despite the conversion software available the process of ebook formatting often demands a time intense, hands-on approach to make sure that the book in its entirety will properly display on the eReader devices. This is especially important with ePub format conversion as the ePub may run on multiple readers. This will take time and effort so plan accordingly. You may want to consider a vendor who specializes in ebook conversion into multiple formats?

But hard work and investment aside, many publishers are realizing the return-on-investment (ROI) is pretty bright as more and more people adopt to reading ebooks through eReader devices or even their tablets, hand phones, BlackBerrys and PDAs. It’s like the move from hardcover to paperback, why not do it?

Some people think ebooks means “free books”. There are free books out there, and the DRM debate continues, but the general industry consensus is to stake your claim and to convert your published content to an ebook format before Google or some other entity does it for you. This will earn you a place at the bargaining table when the revenue/royalty pies are getting cut up. Again, why not convert your published works?

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News & Articles
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