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Precise-BPO Ebook Term are able to add sound and video/audio into the epub/ebook, Adding sound to your eBook brings it to life. It makes the eBook interactive and a lot more interesting to the reader. Your audience is also more likely to continue on to see what more is in store.

Precise-BPO Ebook Term doing research and developing on enhanced epub/ebook for someday, now Precise-BPO declare to all of the publishers, it’s available for you to get your enhanced epub/ebook in a low cost. Precise-BPO are always focus on the best epub interface and bring you more joyful when you are using e-reader, the books processed by Precise-BPO will enable you have a wonderful trip in reading. What’s more, Precise-BPO also focus on how to reduce the epub conversion rate so that our common reader are also able to purchase ebook and get a enjoyment from e-reader era. With the technology successful of PRECISE, we’ve know the best way in ebook production workflow, and will reduce about 50% cost in Ebook Production. Contact us for more…

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News & Articles
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