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Precise-Tech ebook team are able to provide fast-turnaround and with high accuracy ebook conversion services. We are familiar with mobi ebook(KF8) for Kindle which usually promote on, Precise-Tech eBook Team are also familiar with Epub eBook (Epub1.0, epub2.0, Epub3.0) which fits for IOS system, just like Apple ebook, fixed layout ebook, epub for Ipad, enhanced epub…etc.

Precise-BPO TECH CO.Ltd is an ebook conversion services provider based on China. We are providing excellent ebook Conversion in China, we are able to deal with different ibooks in China and with different languages.

We’ve served for more than 200 publishers/individuals from 30+ countries in their ebook Conversion. We hope we can also work for your ebooks and gain win-win in ebook era.

Give us your ebook, let’s convert the best eBook file for you. Precise-TECH eBook Team are always focus on quality eBook conversion, providing best eBook China conversion services.

Precise BPO Conversion Centre always be your best choice!

Feel free to Contact us today for more details about our services.
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News & Articles
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