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BPO Developing in China


In the past 3 years, BPO became the fastest growth module in offshore outsourcing markets. According to IDC statistics, BPO markets reach USD 119 billion worldwide with 9% compound annual growth rate in 2009. IDC forecasts this number will be USD 172 billion in 2013. Base on estimation from UNCTAD, BPO would keep 30-40% growth rate in future five to ten years. Take view for BPO development status, Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing market. India takes 35% market share, China’s BPO is going to take position of India.

Follow by numbers of researches about development of BPO in China. There we conclude that BPO is booming after the well development of ITO. China has well-developed ITO foundation where offers opportunity to BPO becomes the core development in IT industry. In 2009, BPO growth rate in 39.2% and the market increased to RMB 5.755 billion in China. Studies estimate that 10% of total USD 300 billion offshore investment targets China.

Within period of “Twelfth-Five Year Plan”, BPO is going to booming with the development of financial back-office, E-commerce outsourcing, production outsourcing, and so on.

Financial industry is the major engine of BPO development in China. Base on the characteristics of financial industry, which is high-tech, senior personnel intensive, job creation; there are 14 cities in China are planning to have financial back-office. Beside the flash point of financial industry, the innovation of E-commerce platform is the other break point of BPO growth. The growth of E-commerce is turning from traditional branded products online sale. In future 2 to 3 years, E-commerce would create market over RMB 200 billion.

The production service is the important trend of service outsourcing industry. According to authority estimation China’s industry output value takes 15.6% of world market share as second large market. There are huge demands for the revolution of traditional industry. The revolution bases on advanced manufacturing industry and high-end service system.

Devott predicts that BPO is going to get the most support from national policies by “Forecasts of Twelfth Five-Year Plan of China’s Service Outsourcing”. Base on the good future view of BPO, Devott adds BPO TOP20 selection beside TOP50. We believe that the potential opportunity of BPO is releasing and the system is getting mature. BPO in China will usher in an unprecedented brilliant!

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