Case Study
    The logistics industry is a highly competitive industry, as a logistics service providers,cost and quality of service are most concerned two major operating indices. International logistic giants are all acting different level of outsourcing. Among them, the most effective outsourcing is data entry process outsourcing.
    Precise Tech has set up deep communication system and comprehensive discussion with many well-known domestic and foreign logistic companies on data entry process outsourcing.
    From present outsourced project, after outsourcing, the appearance cost decrease more than 40%, processing error rate reduced around 20%. Achieved initial successes, customer completely eliminated outsourcing concerns, and are also willing to try more in-depth outsourcing
    In hidden benefits, customers achieve wide range of receipts. In operation risks, due to outsourcing, both outsourcing service provider and customer are sharing the risks, customers reduced the operation risks, and improved the stability of the daily operations; in customer service, due to the enhancement of processing accuracy rate, customer satisfaction has correspondingly increased; in management, customers can concentrate superior resources to optimize the core processes, in order to enhance market competitiveness
Logistics Case

Project period: since Dec 2007
Project: express delivery dockets data entry
Project features: volume and cost pressure, tight turnaround, tailored customer solution
    Simplify process & cost reduction. As delivery docket is a kind of less-information and strictly fixed layout form, Precise Tech has performed field oriented process and business analyzing, and designed different operation method according to field accuracy and dealt complicated level. Simplify process, aiming to use the most compact workflow to satisfy customer’s requirements.
    Highly integrated automation. Achieve the greatest degree of automation, in place of manual processes. This contains:
1、OCR reading
2、Automatic link to related information
3、Automation of managing disposition
4、Accomplish the facilitated management and regulation. Based on the established process, using a variety of management method to ensure quality, aiming to “once done right”, in order to minimize cost.
    This customer successfully reduced the data entry cost by 30%, and increased the controllability of cost, while the error rate decrease by 50%.
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