Case Study
    There is a highly demand for the data outsourcing in the banking business, and a quick responding from the outsourcing provider is necessary due to the renovated products brought forth very quick. Below shows the case study of a credit card outsourcing from a certain domestic well-known bank.

Finance Case

A certain domestic well-known bank
Project period: since 2005
Project: the whole flow of the credit card application (except the credit approval and the upper limit granted.)
    The credit card project from this bank is composed of the service outsourcing in text scanning and data inputting, millions of images have been processed till now with a peak volume of 20,000 images per day. The outsourcing service strictly keeps the records of 99.5% accuracy, 100% turnaround requirement for the images and text results and 100% satisfaction from the clients.
Value-added services from outsourcing:
  • The credit card centre achieves a quick response capability to new card business. Through shortening the new product go-live period, it provides strong support to credit card marketing and sales.
  • Through KPI indexes of outsourcing, clarify the performance of the whole process and each step’s responsibility. From outsourcing, this bank train the workflow sense of their employees, energize inner management optimize, finally improve operation efficiency and service level.
  • A variance of improving suggestions, helping bank to illuminate process. Providing suggestions to the designation of new application form, helping bank reduce the non-standard application form fill-out.
  • Meet the banking business volume fluctuations. With the capacity advantage, Precise Tech has the ability to deal with workflow surging. Multiple project management experience help us to complete the quick and smooth switch among projects.
    In Jul 2005, Mar 2006 and Aug 2007, this bank has organized three internal risk audit and project examination. With scientific production workflow, advanced tech level and strict sticking to the contract terms, we have achieved outstanding result of the inspecation.
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